Hall Drive, Alsager, South Cheshire ST7 2UD. 5 Minutes from J 16, M6.














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52lb Catfish caught by Jamie Mills


I would like to thank Home Farm Fisheries for giving me my first catfish "oh did I mention it was 52lbs", Yes that's right 52lbs not bad for my first catfish, she put up a good fight and took about 15 to 20 minutes to land.

 I would also like to thank the owner of Home Farm Fisheries for his friendliness and for a clean and well kept lake.


thanks again

Jamie Mills

Lowton, Warrington

59lb 3oz Catfish caught by Andy Fairfield


The lake record was broken on 10th July '09 by Andy Fairfield from Liverpool with this 59lb 3oz Catfish.

 "The fight lasted 25-30 minutes and in the end I had to wade out into the lake when it snagged me in some reeds. But I wasn't letting go. Many thanks to the Fishery Manager and Home Farm Fisheries for allowing me to catch my largest fish and my first Catfish"    

Andy Fairfield.






Henry Gratton, a regular at Home Farm with a 42lb cat caught 20th Feb '09


Henry Gratton with a 23 lb Catfish caught Saturday 17th Jan '09.  One of five cats caught in the session.


Jack Wood from Smallthorne, with his 55lb Catfish caught on 25th March 2009
beating his previous personal best

by 34 lb !


Lee Harrison from Stoke on Trent, 25lb Catfish caught on 11th of April





Another cat caught by Henry Gratton 17th Jan 09.This one being the largest of 5 caught at 23lb 6 oz.


23lb4oz Catfish caught on 17th April, 1pm, by Paul Davies of Norton

John Hill from Stafford with his first Catfish which weighed in at 24 lb on 25/4/09


Lee Austin from Birches Head caught this Cat weighing 25.5 lbs on Thursday 23.04.09 one of a double which also included another cat of 22.5 lbs and several double figure carp all taken on  boilies. great days fishing




Jim the Masterblanker with a smaller Cat of 10lbs caught 25th April 09



Ryan Doyle from Manchester 25lb 12oz  Cat ,PB, caught 1st May 09

Stephen Rourke from Manchester with his PB 48lb 6oz Cat caught 3rd May 09


Andy Paul with his 33lb Cat caught on Friday May 1st 09.




Billy Tate from Stoke with his personal best Mirror Carp of 24lb 8oz. Caught 30th April 09.



Henry Gratton's been at it again !  51lb 8oz Cat caught 3rd May 09


Ryan McKenzie with his 24lb Catfish caught 4th May '09.


Nick Trbovic with a 25lb 8oz cat caught 5th May '09




Billy Johnson with a 27 lb Cat. One of two caught in the session.


Kevin Pollitt from Manchester with his PB  52lb 11oz Catfish caught 4.45am on 25th May '09.

Danny Longson with a 27lb Cat caught

June '09


Greg Bennett from Cornwall with his 49lb 4oz Catfish caught in early July '09




Sean Price from Crewe with his 12 lb Catfish caught early morning on 31st July. " My first ever Catfish although only 12 lbs it fought like a 20lb carp.  I will be visiting Homefarm again very soon"


Dave Johnson with a 23 lb Catfish caught during a 24hr session 12th Aug. 09

Chris Sickler from Congleton had a great session on August 12th with a 17lb 8oz Cat


Chris Sickler from Congleton had a great session on August 12th with a 26lb Mirror Carp


12 yr old Lewis Parker from Rowley Regis with his 18lb Catfish caught on luncheon meat during his stay on 20th August. Pictured with his step dad, James Lear

12 year old Lewis Paker with his 25lb 6oz Mirror Carp caught on 21st August. During the session Lewis also
caught an 18lb Catfish.  Well done !


A quiet, picturesque, out of the way, sort of place