Hall Drive, Alsager, South Cheshire ST7 2UD. 5 Minutes from J 16, M6.
































Dean Scarrat (Smokey)  with a 28lb 6oz Mirror Carp caught August 07


Kevin Gibson with an 18lb Mirror Carp caught June 07


John Rowley 8lb Carp





Paul Pass with a 27lb Mirror Carp caught sept 07


Kevin Gibson with a 24lb Catfish caught July 07


'Scouse' Mick, a regular, with a 24lb 6oz Mirror Carp caught in June 06


  Robin from Manchester. A 24lb mirror Carp.   local angler with a 31lb Catfish September 07   Paul Pass, a regular at Home Farm with a 26lb 2oz Catfish - personal best  


37lb 8oz caught August 07 by Chris, a local angler. He finally landed it after a 20 minute battle.


  Pub landlord  Mirror Carp 24lb.   Pub landlords wife. Mirror Carp 22lb.  

Danny aged 13 from Stoke on Trent with a 22lb+ Mirror Carp caught in late 2007


John Nicholls from Buxton with a 3lb 8oz Perch caught early March 2008. John fishes with his son, Mathew, and between them they have caught 48 Perch at Home Farm. The record so far for a Home Farm Perch is 4lb 12oz.



Steve from Manchester with his personal best of 25lb 2oz caught 21st March 2008 at 7am. That woke him up !

  Andy Robinson with his UK personal best. A Mirror carp of 25lb 15oz. Caught early May 2008  
Munch from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps fame with a 18lb 6oz Mirror carp taken late in 2007.
Munch is a regular at Home Farm.


  John Hammond with a 25lb plus catch from the Match lake. May 2008  
  Andy from Manchester with a 21lb Catfish caught 4th May 2008   17lb Catfish caught on 17th July 2008  
Rob with a 7lb 8oz catfish - one of the smaller ones but still give a good fight.

Jamie Lee Shenton from Fenton, Stoke on Trent with a 22 lb Mirror carp caught in the specimen lake in      August 2008.


  Jamie Lee Shenton, age 10 from Fenton, with a 13lb 10oz Common carp.   Paul Cartlidge with a 22lb 3oz Mirror carp caught at dusk on 24th September '08  
Henry Gratton with his 25lb + cat caught in the Autumn of 2008



52lb Catfish caught by Jamie Mills


I would like to thank Home Farm Fisheries for giving me my first catfish "oh did I mention it was 52lbs", Yes that's right 52lbs not bad for my first catfish, she put up a good fight and took about 15 to 20 minutes to land.

 I would also like to thank the owner of Home Farm Fisheries for his friendliness and for a clean and well kept lake.


thanks again

Jamie Mills

Lowton, Warrington

59lb 3oz Catfish caught by Andy Fairfield


The lake record was broken on 10th July '09 by Andy Fairfield from Liverpool with this 59lb 3oz Catfish.

 "The fight lasted 25-30 minutes and in the end I had to wade out into the lake when it snagged me in some reeds. But I wasn't letting go. Many thanks to the Fishery Manager and Home Farm Fisheries for allowing me to catch my largest fish and my first Catfish"    

Andy Fairfield.






Henry Gratton, a regular at Home Farm with a 42lb cat caught 20th Feb '09


Henry Gratton with a 23 lb Catfish caught Saturday 17th Jan '09.  One of five cats caught in the session.


Jack Wood from Smallthorne, with his 55lb Catfish caught on 25th March 2009
beating his previous personal best

by 34 lb !


Lee Harrison from Stoke on Trent, 25lb Catfish caught on 11th of April





Another cat caught by Henry Gratton 17th Jan 09.This one being the largest of 5 caught at 23lb 6 oz.


23lb4oz Catfish caught on 17th April, 1pm, by Paul Davies of Norton

John Hill from Stafford with his first Catfish which weighed in at 24 lb on 25/4/09


Lee Austin from Birches Head caught this Cat weighing 25.5 lbs on Thursday 23.04.09 one of a double which also included another cat of 22.5 lbs and several double figure carp all taken on  boilies. great days fishing




Jim the Masterblanker with a smaller Cat of 10lbs caught 25th April 09



Ryan Doyle from Manchester 25lb 12oz  Cat ,PB, caught 1st May 09

Stephen Rourke from Manchester with his PB 48lb 6oz Cat caught 3rd May 09


Andy Paul with his 33lb Cat caught on Friday May 1st 09.




Billy Tate from Stoke with his personal best Mirror Carp of 24lb 8oz. Caught 30th April 09.



Henry Gratton's been at it again !  51lb 8oz Cat caught 3rd May 09


Ryan McKenzie with his 24lb Catfish caught 4th May '09.


Nick Trbovic with a 25lb 8oz cat caught 5th May '09




Billy Johnson with a 27 lb Cat. One of two caught in the session.


Kevin Pollitt from Manchester with his PB  52lb 11oz Catfish caught 4.45am on 25th May '09.

Danny Longson with a 27lb Cat caught

June '09


Greg Bennett from Cornwall with his 49lb 4oz Catfish caught in early July '09




Sean Price from Crewe with his 12 lb Catfish caught early morning on 31st July. " My first ever Catfish although only 12 lbs it fought like a 20lb carp.  I will be visiting Homefarm again very soon"


Dave Johnson with a 23 lb Catfish caught during a 24hr session 12th Aug. 09

Chris Sickler from Congleton had a great session on August 12th with a 17lb 8oz Cat


Chris Sickler from Congleton had a great session on August 12th with a 26lb Mirror Carp


12 yr old Lewis Parker from Rowley Regis with his 18lb Catfish caught on luncheon meat during his stay on 20th August. Pictured with his step dad, James Lear

12 year old Lewis Paker with his 25lb 6oz Mirror Carp caught on 21st August. During the session Lewis also
caught an 18lb Catfish.  Well done !

Johnathan Salt from Stoke with a 24lb Catfish caught at 1.30 am on 7th February 2010   Adam Locker from Cheadle had a good start to the year with this 53lb Catfish caught on a pop-up boilie February 5th 2010 Lee Casey with his first ever Catfish caught in the evening on 13th Feb 2010, His first weighed in at 24lb 9oz followed 10 minutes later with his second of 20lb.
"Mo" with his 43lb Cat caught on Saturday night 10th April after a 20 minute battle.   7 yr old Christy Cottier with a 3lb+ Carp caught on the Match lake. Phil Dunn from Doncaster caught this terrific 46lb 4oz Cat on a Frutella pop-up boilie on Tuesday 22nd February after a 25 minute battle.
Rob Murphy with his 25lb Catfish caught in late March   Ash Dale with his 42lb 4oz Cat caught on a single 18mm T1 boilie 25th April.

Calum Hendry, 15 from Stockport,  with a 17.5lb Catfish.

1st April '10 

  Jamie Oldfield with a 14lb 6oz Mirror Carp caught on a milky toffee boilie 1st May 2010.



Mike Knibb with his 52lb 2oz Catfish caught at 1am on 3rd June with a 20mm boilie fished on the bottom on a size 4 Korda wide gape hook


Clive McQuinn from Skegness with his 28lb 8oz Cat caught on 19th May at 2am.

Tony Woodward had a good session on 18th May with seven fish caught including a 21lb 8oz Cat and a 25lb Mirror. Both caught on 15mm marine Halibut boilies.




George Bailey with a 12lb Catfish

caught 9th July.



Chris Blades with his 27lb 8oz Mirror caught on August 5th.The fish named 'Munch' fell for a monster crab boilie fished round a dozen freebies.

Steve Jones with his 26lb Catfish caught in April this year. Steve now lives in Canada but says that he will return for the excellent fishing at Home Farm when he is next over here.



Dominic Groom broke the current lake record with this 61lb Catfish caught on 22nd April 2011. 

Dominic is a part time Water Bailiff at Home Farm Fishery and caught the Cat on a 33mm Boilie called a Cat-Catcher.

Cat-Catchers are part of the range of boilies sold at Home Farm and manufactured "specially for us by North West Baits."

New female lake record



Michelle Watts of Stoke on Trent caught

this 39.5lb Catfish on April 14th 2011.

Michelle fought the fish for 20 mins before finally landing it.






Jason Dunne from Ellesmere Port with an 11lb Mirror Carp
caught mid April 2011.



Melvyn Ferguson from Blackley with a 16lb Common Carp
caught 21st April 2011.


Neo Simpson from Stoke on Trent with his

14lb 4oz Common Carp.
Neo is a bait tester for North West Baits and caught this fish on a new 'Traffic Light' boilie.  Caught 18th April 2011.




Jim Harrison caught this 18 lb Cat on Saturday 7th May.

Jim and his pals

are regulars at

Home Farm.


David Sayer caught this 18lb Catfish during a wet weekends fishing in early May 2011.


Ben Obrien from Ashton under Lyne, Manchester,

with a loveley

7lb 3oz hybrid Carp


Catfish 18lb caught by Simon Jackson

on 7th May




Chris Williams from St. Helens caught her first double on 21st May 2011. A 14lb 8oz Common Carp.


Simon Wright from Chesterton with a 16lb Common carp caught on 1st October
on a  hallibut pellet.


Keith Phillips from Newcastle, Staffs caught this 11.5 lb Catfish on Sunday 23rd October on the Match lake. It fell to a piece of luncheon meat hair rigged to a 10's hook. Keith holds the Match lake record this year for the largest Carp - a Mirror weighing in at 17lb.



Young Jonathan Isherwood from Winsford with his 16lb 8oz Common caught on a
Baits Etc 15mm Strawberry boilie.
Jonathan had several good fish during his session, the next biggest weighing
in at 12lb 2oz.

  Scott Ordish from Salford caught this 21lb 8oz Common Carp on 23rd February.
The fish was caught on a 'BAITS Etc' Strawberry Dumbell boilie which are
sold on site at Home Farm Fishery.
  Jay McDermott from Newcastle, Staffs with a lovely 19lb 7oz Mirror Carp.
Caught 3rd March.
  Mark Henshaw from Congleton caught this 19lb 8oz Catfish on 23rd March.
The fish was caught on a 'Baits Etc' 30mm Catcatcher Special.
Jay McDermott, a regular at Home Farm Fishery, with a 14lb 10oz Common. 23rd March.  

Danielle Oglesby from Salford caught this 10lb 9oz Common Carp on Sunday 25th March.
It was caught on a Baits etc Pineapple boilie and is Danielle's personal best. We hope to see her again soon!

  Scott Ordish with a 16lb 3oz Common and a lovely 12lb Ghost Carp. Both caught on Baits Etc boilies. 25th March.

Shane Billings from Burton on Trent with a 26lb 8oz Catfish. Caught 26th
  Stuart Adamson from St Helens with his 23lb 8oz Catfish caught on 27th March.   Mark King from the Wirrall caught this 22lb Catfish during the night on 26th
  Jake Crilly from Stockport caught this 19lb Common carp on Saturday 31st March.
Martin Gray from Stoke on Trent with his 22lb Catfish. Caught Saturday 31st
  Gaz Eardley from Tunstall, Stoke on Trent, caught this 24lb 8oz Catfish using a 'Catcatcher Special' boilie on Thursday 29th March.   Danny Moulton from Crewe caught this 30lb Catfish on April 5th. His bait was a bunch of worms popped up off the bottom.   Simon Fowler from Mottram, Cheshire, finally landed this 52lb Catfish after a 35 minute battle on April 12th.  The fish couldn't resist a large lump of luncheon meat
Earl Bladen and Brett Pearson, both from Kidderminster, had a good session on April 14th with a total bag of ten Catfish between them. Pictured here with a couple of the larger ones at 35lb and 32lb.   Jason Dunne from   Ellesmere Port. 36lb 12oz Catfish caught April 22nd.  

Jules Holland from Oldham with a night time Catfish of 33lb 13oz,

breaking his PB

Kieran Byrne broke his PB with this 26lb Catfish on 21st April  

Jim Harrison from Ormskirk caught his first Catfish and broke his PB on 26th April.

Congratulations from Paul !


  Kevin Astbury from Crewe with his first Catfish weighing 40lb    




Scott from Salford -

18lb 6oz Mirror Carp.


Jordan from Talke -

21lb Catfish.


Jay from May Bank -

22lb 4oz Common Carp.


Matt from Leeds -

30lb 8oz Catfish.




Mike from Bolton -

17lb 3oz Mirror Carp.


Mike from Ellesmere Port -

24lb Catfish.


Dianne from Birmingham - 26lb Catfish.


Ash from Stoke on Trent -

30lb 8oz Catfish.




Anthony from Crewe -

52lb 8oz Catfish.


Kevin from Crewe - 23lb 13oz Catfish.


James from Crewe - 37lb Catfish.


Lee from Macclesfield - 59lb Catfish.




Dave from Macclesfield caught this 17lb 6oz Common Carp to give him a new PB.


Phil from Denton caught this   14lb Common Carp on 22nd May


Scott from Salford, a regular at HFF, caught this 15lb 8oz Common and an18lb 8oz Mirror during his Bank holiday session at Home Farm. The two fish were part of a seventeen fish haul which included two Catfish both over 20lb.




Terry from Alsager 16lb 2oz  Common Carp


Terry from Alsager 19lb 7oz Mirror Carp.


Tom with his 24lb 8oz Catfish.


Adam from Congleton 28lb 10oz Catfish.




Adam from Congleton 20lb 4oz Mirror Carp.
  Linda, one of our female anglers, 13lb 7oz Common Carp.   Tony from Meir, Stoke on Trent, with his 31lb 9oz Catfish.   Liam Nicholls from Clayton had a great day at Home Farm and helped  to land this 3lb Common Carp.






Andy Edwards caught the first Cat of the year which was also his first ever catfish. Caught 16th January on a Mulberry boilie.


Craig Sutton with his 13lb Common carp caught on 14th January.



Dan Boulton caught these two cats in one session on 6th March weighing in at 11lb and 25lb 4oz.'both fish were caught on squid and octopus boilies.

Anthony Clarke from Crewe caught this 27lb 4oz Catfish on a dead bait on 1st April.   Liam McCullough caught this 28lb 8oz Catfish on March
29th.It was caught on a dead coarse bait which must be
purchased from Home Farm fishery.
  Peter Hall from Newcastle under Lyme caught this
beautiful Common carp on March 25th. It weighed in at 20lb 3oz and was caught on a Monster Crab boilie.

Hazel from Salford caught this 9lb Mirror carp on a
single red maggot !

  Mike Treadwell with his 26lb 7oz Catfish which he caught
on leeches on 10th April.
  Marcus Hulme from Stoke on Trent had a busy night
catching these two Catfish, at 22lb 7oz and 14lb 11oz, both caught on leeches. Marcus a regular at Home Farm and hopes to beat his personal  best of 27lb this summer.
Sean from Liverpool with a lovely 35lb Catfish caught during his Easter fishing session.Great pic !


  Alan from Liverpool with one of two 25lb Cats caught during his
       session at Home Farm

Eddie from the Wirral caught this 33lb specimen during his Easter fishing session which proved very productive.


Sean Nulty from Macclesfield was delighted with this 55lb net of carp, silver fish and tench during a dayfish at Home Farm.


Hazel has been back again !  This time she hooked her very
first Catfish which weighed in at 23lb and was caught using dead bait. Hazel also caught several carp during her 24hr session.

  Brett from Burnley 23lb 8oz caught on squid
    Joe Harris with his PB to date an11lb Common carp.   Brian from Burnley 13lb 8oz Catfish caught on squid.
Kev from Crewe with a     50lb 3oz cat.    Gary James from Manchester 38lb cat   Glyn Blackburn from Liverpool 36lb Catfish caught on Squid   Shannon O'Neil from Crewe with his new PB 37lb 8oz
Glyn Blackburn with a 61lb 4oz cat caught on squid  
Declan Hughes from Wolstanton
20lb 4oz Common
  Kayleigh Edwards from Dresdon s-o-t with her 26lb cat on meat 
New Lake Record
Guy Powell from Nantwhich
new lake record 66lb cat from cabin 3 caught May 2015 on a boilie.
Milly Eardley from Kidsgrove, 16 lb Common   Well done to Ryan from Sandbach with his 58lb Cat of High point a new PB for him


Carl McConaghy from St Helens 16lb Common   Adam from Liverpool 43lb 2oz Cat on squid        

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